Charlotte's scans before she was born.

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We have a video of Charlotte in 3D from the ulrasound, but it is rather large. So if you are viewing this via a dialup account, I suggest not trying to watch the video - just choose the picture instead.

Picture Movie
3dbaby.jpg 3dbaby.jpg

Click on image for a larger picture.

BABY_1.png BABY_2.png BABY_3.png BABY_4.png
BABY_5.png BABY_6.png BABY_7.png BABY_8.png
BABY_9.png BABY_10.png BABY_11.png BABY_12.png
BABY_13.png BABY_14.png BABY_15.png BABY_16.png
BABY_17.png BABY_18.png BABY_19.png BABY_20.png
BABY_21.png BABY_22.png BABY_23.png BABY_24.png
BABY_25.png BABY_26.png BABY_27.png BABY_28.png
BABY_29.png BABY_30.png BABY_31.png BABY_32.png

Some pictures of Nadine during pregnancy:

IMG_0198.jpg IMG_0193.jpg IMG_1075.jpg IMG_1375.jpg

Here's some comparisson pictures. Nadine is very pleased with how she is looking this time around, so we thought it would be nice to compare to when she had Sterling.

(5 days before due date)
(due date)
IMG_1316.jpg IMG_3041.jpg