The Overland Track

Our previous Brisbane holiday can be found here.

Melbourne Cup Weekend in 2004 Nadine and I went to the Grampians and decided we should aim for a good hike somewhere. Almost a year later to the day, we were hiking The Overland Track in Tasmania for 9 days.

Some Highlights

Day 1

146-4635_IMG 146-4637_IMG 146-4638_IMG 146-4641_IMG
146-4652_IMG 146-4655_IMG 146-4660_IMG 146-4688_IMG
146-4694_IMG 146-4696_IMG    

Day 2

146-4700_IMG 147-4705_IMG 147-4709_IMG 147-4719_IMG

Day 3

147-4734_IMG 147-4739_IMG 147-4747_IMG
147-4752_IMG 147-4753_IMG 147-4755_IMG

Day 4

147-4769_IMG 147-4770_IMG 147-4774_IMG 147-4779_IMG
147-4781_IMG 147-4788_IMG 147-4793_IMG 147-4796_IMG

Day 5

148-4832_IMG 148-4834_IMG 148-4836_IMG 148-4841_IMG
148-4862_IMG 148-4870_IMG 148-4880_IMG 148-4883_IMG
148-4885_IMG 148-4886_IMG 148-4894_IMG 149-4901_IMG

Day 6

149-4905_IMG 149-4916_IMG 149-4918_IMG 149-4926_IMG
149-4931_IMG 149-4935_IMG 149-4937_IMG 149-4938_IMG
149-4946_IMG 149-4950_IMG 149-4952_IMG  

Day 7

149-4959_IMG 149-4962_IMG 149-4963_IMG 149-4966_IMG
149-4968_IMG 149-4973_IMG 149-4981_IMG 149-4982_IMG

Day 8

150-5013_IMG 150-5016_IMG 150-5031_IMG 150-5035_IMG
150-5037_IMG 150-5038_IMG 150-5042_IMG 150-5052_IMG
150-5055_IMG 150-5062_IMG 150-5065_IMG 150-5070_IMG

Day 9

150-5078_IMG 150-5082_IMG 150-5084_IMG
150-5086_IMG 150-5096_IMG 150-5097_IMG

Panorama Shots

CradleMountain CraterLake DoveLake DuCaneHut
InsideWindermereHut KitchenHutfromCradleMt Lakes MtOakleighMorning
MtOssaTop3 MtOssaTop4 NewPelionHut PineForestMoors
PineValley RidgefromCradleMt Stump ViewfromOssatrack2