Website stuff

This website has been written by hand to test out Tims skills. It should slowly change over time as I find new tricks to try. I am trying to stick to the philosophy "KISS" (Keep It Simple Stupid) so that it will not only be easy to navigate, but also to maintain.


My favourite development program is "MAX's HTML Beauty++". This program has a nice enough interface with enough features without getting in the way of creating a clean site.

Graphics wise I am still playing around trying to find an application that is right for me. Let me know if you can recommend one.

Domain Registration

I started with but later changed my registration to go through (see below) due to not liking/agreeing with bottles marketing policy.

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Site Hosting

The website is hosted by who are also offering excellent deals and I have had no problems with their setup. Their deals are far better than any others I have seen.

If you want to sign up to one of these, then please use the links above so that I get some kickbacks and may be able to pass some on to you!