Whale Watching

15 September 2007 : 8am - noon

Our Whale watching experience was amazing. The whales were very active for us. We were lucky to have the whales close to the harbour (40 minutes to the first pod), so not much time was wasted traveling.

The first pod had a very playful calf. It was doing lots of head lunges and practicing its breach. The mother and calf were joined by an escort and he also did some breaches for us. At this point Nadine's sea-sickness was starting to kick in but the whales distracted her for awhile.

We were lucky enough to see two more pods. One pod had two whales that appeared to be playing together doing pectoral fin extensions almost in synchronised swimming style. These two show-offs also did a double breach.

Our whale watching experienced was fantastic and Nadine's seasickness subsided and she really enjoyed the morning.

We also saw:

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